You guys rock.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped me find great dates in every state!

Who I Was Looking For

I would love to meet . . . 

*an active, committed Christian

*someone who makes me laugh

*a great conversationalist (I’m a sucker for smart guys!)

*an adventurous spirit

*a fabulous future father


I hate to be picky, but . . .

*No smokers. Yuck. Ditto on chewing tobacco.

*Someone reasonably close to my age.  Say 28 or over and 45 or under. 


Is this you?  Email me!  Tell me . . .

*Where you live

*Why you think we’d be a good match (you’re up against every single man in your state, so don’t be shy -- talk yourself up!)

*What we’d do on a date in your state

*Anything you want to warn me about that will show up on your background check


Send your fab info (and a picture, please!) to fiftydatesinfiftystates@gmail.com


And don't worry . . . I'll change your name to protect your innocence!! ;)  (Unless, of course, you're the man of my dreams and we get hitched.  Then your name will definitely be in the book!)