Alaska, Washington, & Oregon

Ugh.  I'm behind!  I know, I know . . . and I'm really sorry to those of you who love the long date stories, but here's the thing: my time is running out really fast.  I've only got about a month on the road left, and as I run out of time, I want to cram everything in, which means I don't want to spend lots of time in front of my computer!  So . . . . here's a brief rundown of my last three dates.


My friend Janis set me up with Mr. Washington.  They went to high school together and she assured me he wasn't dangerous and I could definitely accept his invitation to make me dinner.  We went down to the famous Pike Place Market and bought everything fresh, and then he cooked a fabulous dinner -- grilled salmon, green rice, grilled beets (yes, I ate them, thank you very much), and corn on the cob.  Yummmmy.  He admitted that he's used his skills in the kitchen to woo women before.  Well played.


Mr. Alaska wins the "above and beyond" award for picking me up at the ferry terminal at 3AM.  He was a friend of a friend of my friend Matt (yeah, it's complicated) so I was also assured of his lack of a criminal history.  We went on quite possibly the coolest date of this little adventure, and I mean that in both the temperature and the slang meanings.  Mr. Alaska and I paddled kayaks around icebergs (AMAZING!!), then strapped on some crampons and hiked on the Mendenhall Glacier.  The entire time I kept thinking, I will never have the chance to do these things again . . . when did my life take this incredible turn??


On the Alaskan ferry, I met two fellow travelers who had a friend in Portland they thought would be a great date for me.  I was relieved because the guy I thought I was going to date turned out to be on the opposite side of the state and I was a bit panicked about finding someone.  The new Mr. Oregon was a fabulous last minute replacement.  We had great conversations, first walking around the Japanese Garden and then sitting eating frozen yogurt in Pioneer Square.  He felt like an old friend.

So, there you have it friends.  Consider yourselves updated.  You'll have to wait for the book for the juicy details.  :)

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