Awkward Silences . . . .

You know how Facebook has that little list on the side that shows which friends are celebrating a birthday soon?  Well this week it showed a guy I went to high school with.  I had a major crush on him.  Well, that's what we called it back then.  Today I think we would call it stalking.

We went out once.  (I asked him and he amazingly said yes.)  I remember pretty much every detail: what I wore (fashion disaster), what we did (what I was thinking? the Nutcracker? with a jock?), and the pizza afterward that I hardly ate.  I didn't date a lot in high school, which is probably good, since I would have been sickeningly skinny -- I feared awkward silences, so I took teeny-tiny bites and barely ate anything. 

Lots of people are asking if this is going to be awkward, dating fifty strangers.  The truth is that yep, this could be the worst social experiment ever, but nope, I'm not really worried.  My conversational skills have developed nicely --  I can actually eat and talk at the same time.  And honestly, I'm one of those people who could probably have a conversation with a brick wall.  If the guy I'm with doesn't make me laugh, no worries.  I crack myself up on a regular basis. 

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