Getting Ready to Go

I stopped at the mall yesterday to get a new pair of jeans before heading out.  I walked out with the jeans plus two t-shirts.  Add the two more t-shirts my brother sent me this week and I now have four more t-shirts to pack.  It's an addiction.

I had a lovely going-away party with youth worker friends.  They joked that they could "help" me find dates and turn it into Fifty HORRIBLE Dates in Fifty States.  I have to admit that I'm kind of looking forward to some bad dates because they make the best stories.  The guy who took me to Taco Bell & the Waterboy and only paid for his lunch and his movie ticket?  Classic!  The math teacher who, during our date, drew me a diagram showing the probability of getting asked out again?  Way to make learning fun!

The dates are slowly taking shape.  My first, in less than a week now, will be on top of a mountain in Albuquerque.  In Little Rock my date & I will be taking a cooking class.  How fun will that be?  I'm a little stressed out, trying to get everything cleaned out of my office and townhouse, but I'm really excited to get out on the road and start this adventure!  Look out, single men -- here I come!

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