I am the Queen of T-Shirt Land . . .

Normally I wouldn't spend a beautiful Saturday indoors, but because I sold my bedroom lamp last week, I figured I'd better use the natural lighting when I had it.  That's how I came to spend two solid hours sorting through my closet.  Well, solid might be a stretch.  I took a few time-outs here and there, like the fifteen minutes or so I spent making up songs on my Ghanaian xylophone before I packed it away. 

As I sorted everything into three categories (take on the road, put in storage, or give to Goodwill), I discovered that I have an insane amount of t-shirts.  Long sleeve, short sleeve, v-neck, crew neck -- I could probably clothe a small village entirely in my t-shirts.  Clothes to wear on dates?  Not so much.  I figure it's not a problem though.  One date in every state?  I could wear the same thing on every date and no one would ever know.  Fifty Dates.  Fifty States.  One Sweater.

I hate shopping.  Trying on twenty things and thinking they all look bad leaves me with nothing but low self-esteem and staticky hair.  Plus I can't stand the thought of spending big bucks on clothes when children are starving all over the world.  Plus I just like to be comfortable.  My love for jeans and t-shirts has prompted more than one friend to threaten to send my picture to What Not to Wear.

Well, at least I have plenty of comfy stuff to wear on long drive days . . .

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